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AIRIS enters the market of low-cost laptops with the new KIRA

The new AIRIS KIRA, is a laptop model designed for convenience and for the new utilities that users have today such as reading mail, seeing news, IP voice communication, the use of chats, in general all activities related to the Internet. With this ultra-portable computer, AIRIS aims to satisfy users with an innovative and revolutionary product ideal for working, surfing the Internet, maintaining video conferencing, compatible with today’s most important software applications. You can choose two types of AIRIS KIRA: the one with an SSD or you will have the option to opt for another with a traditional hard drive.

Get your AIRIS KIRA for free

To participate is very simple, just send an SMS to the number 5511 with the text MISORTEO AIRIS KIRA. Draw valid only for Spain, you can consult the rules of the contest here.


Due to its compact design, the AIRIS KIRA will offer you greater mobility allowing you better maneuverability and use. Thanks to its small dimensions, you can always be accompanied by a computer, it is perfect for transport. The AIRIS KIRA 100 weighs only one kilogram and is equipped with a flash memory that gives it greater hardness and durability, because because of this, it will be more resistant to shocks and falls. With these conditions the AIRIS KIRA will be our best travel companion.


The AIRIS KIRA, is equipped with WLAN connection which will allow you to connect to the Internet anywhere there is Wifi connection. You will also have the possibility to share any type of file by wireless connection, either: photos, music, videos, etc. In addition to these qualities the AIRIS KIRA is equipped with microphone, webcam and speakers allowing you to carry out all kinds of communications.






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